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Petroplague - Amy  Rogers I received this book through the Goodreads First Book giveaway.

While the main character was a bit whiny and some parts of the book were unnecessarily wordy, this was a good book. Petroplague is a fairly fun and easy read.

It was very exciting, full of action and twists. Just when you thought it was going to calm down for a second, something else would happen to keep you reading. Sometimes I felt as if there may have been too many exciting moments one after the other, but not so much as to be cumbersome.

The characters were sometimes hard to empathize with. They were very cookie cutter and there was not one that I really cared about. They could have been any character in any book doing anything. Fortunately, they were in this book and the lack of personality was not terribly detrimental to the story.

The story was fantastic. It was a great idea with a good mix of politics and science. I never questioned the validity of what was being presented. It very well could be something that happened today. Sometimes when reading these science themed novels the science is unbelievable which makes them hard to read. Not the case with this book. The explanations were clear and the concept was obviously well planned out. It is a bit scary thinking that this could happen someday.

All in all, I would recommend this book to fans of science themed novels or anyone looking for an exciting easy read.