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— feeling alien
Armada - Ernest Cline

Well...OK, It was just OK. I read Cline's Ready Player One and am madly in love with it so I had very high expectations for this book. The characters were OK, the basic story was actually pretty interesting but the overuse of nostalgic popular culture type references was not to my liking. It felt like he was trying too hard to incorporate the things that made Ready Player One so popular into a book that didn't really need it. Also, his attempt to incorporate these things actually made the book seem like he was just copying ideas from a few different sources and squishing them together which made it very predictable. The book had a very "it's been done before" feel to it. I wanted to love this book so badly I think my opinion is a bit skewed because it didn't hold up to my expectations, so to be fair my low rating may partially be the result of disappointment, It's not a bad book, I did enjoy parts of it and I do think the story was cleverly developed, it just didn't suck me into the world at all, I'd say feel free to give it a chance but don't expect too much.