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The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation

The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation - Elizabeth Letts The story was cute but was basically about one very lucky man with very little talent (he never did repeat his success with any other horse as far as I know) and a strong desire to show off.

Hated the writing. The author explained the "horsey" parts of the book to the readers like they were 5 years old. Until I read something elsewhere, I assumed she had absolutely no knowledge of anything to do with horses and was just trying to put as much useless horse knowledge she could muster into one book. I also had a good laugh when she referred the the harsh use of things like spurs and crops by other people and the main character's soft gentle way of riding. Seriously, lets make every rider that has ever used a crop or spurs sound awful and terrible even though most riders use them in a safe and non-threatening way.

Seriously, there are far better horse books out there, don't waste your time with this one. I am sure you can get the entire story of this pair, without all the fluff, in a couple pages on a website somewhere.

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I loved this book. I thought the characters were real and I didn't have to convince myself at any point that the things they were doing and saying were appropriate for who they were. The ending was perfect. The whole book was well written and had a nice flow, I never felt the need to rush through a section to "get to the good stuff". It made me nostalgic for a time when love was more important than anything, as so often seems the case in the eyes of a teenager. I am definitely going to look into other books by this author.

Provinces of Night

Provinces of Night - William Gay I really didn't enjoy this book and for two reasons. The first is that the author used 100 words when 10 would do. He tried too hard to make it sound poetic and in the end used a lot of words to say nothing. Oh, and Seriously, are you too good for quotation marks? It was difficult to distinguish which character was speaking, or if it was in fact someone speaking because of this little stylistic decision. It made the book painful to read.

The second is that in all of this saying nothing there wasn't even a story. I didn't care about the characters, and nothing happened for the first 200 or so pages of the book. Then, just when you think something is about to happen, nope, sorry, we tricked you. It simply felt like I was listening to an older relative tell me the story of their rather boring youth with a lot of side stories that never connect. Rambling, the word for this book is rambling, The entire book attempted to be wrapped up in the last chapter or so and one of the climactic parts of the ending had to do with a character that had barely been in the book at all.

The only reason I gave this two stars instead of one is that I was able to finish it, if only because I was waiting for something to happen.


Spellsinger - Alan Dean Foster I read this book once in middle school, so almost 20 years ago. I remember loving it back then, and reading it again it was still rather enjoyable. A quick read with fun characters and an interesting story.

The Nose

The Nose - Nikolai Gogol, Kevin Hawkes Adorable! I could imagine a Monty Python sketch of this story.

The Demonologist

The Demonologist - Andrew Pyper A fast moving thriller with plenty of twists and turns. Even having never read Paradise Lost I could follow how it played a roll in this book. The ending, however felt a bit rushed. This is not my normal genre to read, so the rushed ending may be normal but I did not feel satisfied at the end, like nothing was really concluded, It kind of just ended


Petroplague - Amy  Rogers I received this book through the Goodreads First Book giveaway.

While the main character was a bit whiny and some parts of the book were unnecessarily wordy, this was a good book. Petroplague is a fairly fun and easy read.

It was very exciting, full of action and twists. Just when you thought it was going to calm down for a second, something else would happen to keep you reading. Sometimes I felt as if there may have been too many exciting moments one after the other, but not so much as to be cumbersome.

The characters were sometimes hard to empathize with. They were very cookie cutter and there was not one that I really cared about. They could have been any character in any book doing anything. Fortunately, they were in this book and the lack of personality was not terribly detrimental to the story.

The story was fantastic. It was a great idea with a good mix of politics and science. I never questioned the validity of what was being presented. It very well could be something that happened today. Sometimes when reading these science themed novels the science is unbelievable which makes them hard to read. Not the case with this book. The explanations were clear and the concept was obviously well planned out. It is a bit scary thinking that this could happen someday.

All in all, I would recommend this book to fans of science themed novels or anyone looking for an exciting easy read.

The Dirty Streets of Heaven

The Dirty Streets of Heaven - Tad Williams My only real complaint about this book is that it didn't give me the want to stay up all night reading it feeling that I would give 5 stars to. I don't know why either. It was fantastic.

The main character, Bobby Dollar, was endearing in that bad boy you just have to love kind of way. The supporting characters were even better. For example, Fatback was perfect simply because there was no need for his back-story and odd situation in life but there it was and it made the book all the better for it.

The story was completely unique and the ending was just what I wanted. Sometimes writers foreshadow too much or not enough and the ending is either anticlimactic or comes from nowhere and neither of these was the case with this book. It kept me interested on every page, but as I mentioned above, not necessarily up all night. The scenes that were meant to be exciting were very much so as was the case with the more serious moments.

My favorite thing about this book is that it was a new twist on an old story. I picked this book up with a bit of trepidation after I realized that it was about angels. I should not have been worried at all. It made angels bad-ass and blurred the lines between right and wrong enough that it at no point seemed preachy, while still being respectful. It was so outside the boundaries of what I expected I found myself drawn into this completely new world that I could have never imagined. There better be another one coming out!

All Men of Genius

All Men of Genius - Lev A.C. Rosen

I want more!

Only two things are required for me to give a book 5 stars, and this book did both. 1. It must make me never want to put it down. 2. It has to leave me thinking about it and wanting more even after I finish.

The characters were perfect. The story was interesting, romantic and exciting. The writing though, that was what truly won me over. The writing was just beautiful. Rosen has a magical way with words and a poetic style that is perfect for the genre in which he writes.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline The first time I read this book I loved it. I loved it in a way I had not loved a book for a very long time. I recently read it for the second time, wary of doing so as I had hyped it up in my mind so much I thought nothing could hold up to my expectations of this book. I still loved it. Possibly even more because any book that I can read for the second time in one night simply because it keeps me awake and will not allow me to put it down is a good book. No, a great book.

If you grew up in the 80's, are a gamer, are a geek, love computers, or action, or sci-fi/fantasy genres you will love this book. Hell, if you are human, breathing and even mildly literate you will love this book.